10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

I love getting to know more about people, so I thought I’d share a few things that may surprise you to learn about me:

  1. Around new people, I get really shy and self-conscious. Some may find this surprising, because a lot of people tell me I’m one of the bubbliest people they know, but that’s because I’ve either known them for a long time or just feel inherently comfortable around them. But once I get to know you, chiiiiiild! Just try and force me to turn down 😛
  1. This is one I’m quite embarrassed of… I can’t ride a bicycle! I did once own a bicycle, but as soon as the training wheels came off that was me finished. I believe it’s because my mum who was teaching me at the time, ALSO couldn’t ride a bike. What’s that saying, the blind leading the blind haha. Thankfully it hasn’t really made much of a difference to my life. However, recently during my travels in Bali, our group was going on a bike tour around the island. Me and my cousin who is also challenged in this area of life too, had to ride in tandem with another member of the group. God, did I feel sorry for my partner. But surprisingly we managed it well considering it was a sand island as well!
  1. I could eat jollof rice, chicken and fried plantain EVERY SINGLE DAY.
  1. In primary school, one of my classmates told me I came from a bin because my skin was brown so I scratched her so hard on her hand that it drew blood. I got into a whole heap of trouble for it, but you know what, it was bloody worth it (no pun intended).
  1. I’m blessed to have friends that I’ve known for many years. Some for over two decades! I cherish those relationships a lot.
  1. I eat painstakingly slow. Which is unfortunate because I’m certain my husband doesn’t even chew his food before its shoved down his neck. He tells me it’s to do with having many siblings who are more than willing to ‘help’ you finish your food if you are deemed to not want it.
  1. Many years ago, I had a serious phobia of mushrooms. I’m not even joking, the sight of them used to make my skin crawl. Then I discovered mushroom fried rice and then that quickly dissipated.
  1. The sound of people chewing loudly, or the sight of people chewing with their mouths open makes me want to do something nasty to their internal organs.
  1. I have the worst sense of direction in the world. In secondary school, I did the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award, and during our expedition, my team members refused to let me guide the group with the map (rightfully so). Another time on holiday, I went to use the toilet but then literally wandered around the whole hotel because I couldn’t find my sun lounger. J was watching and laughing at me the whole time obviously.
  1. Final point, and probably my favourite! In year 7, I convinced my whole year group that Omarion from B2K was my boyfriend. How they believed this American 16-year-old superstar would have been interested in my 11-year-old self I have no idea! But hey, who isn’t crazy and gullible in their tweens??

So that’s it guys! In the comments section I would love if you could share things about yourselves that people probably don’t know, or anything that you could relate to in mine. Also if you think someone else might like to have a read, please share! Thank you muchly xXx


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4 years ago

Happy to say I did know most of these and even remember a few (no 10) haha!
Hmmm something you may not know about me…sometimes when Im going to sleep, and I get a song in my head I do a little dance in the bed. I always try to hold it in if I’m sharing my bed though! Don’t want people to think I’m a weirdo, although now that I’ve publically admitted it they’ll all think that anyway!! Xx

4 years ago

Interesting article lol

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