Why I Decided To Be A Working Mum


Since becoming a mother, my appreciation for my mum has sky rocketed! She worked full time as a Pharmacy Manager in a busy pharmacy, but still made time to raise us and be so dedicated to our upbringing. She would take us to classes, be involved in our school and homework, and take care of the home. She really is my Superwoman! (My dad deserves praise too but let’s save his for another post, I like to keep these short but sweet lol.)


When my daughter was about six months old, I had to have a very honest conservation with myself about whether I was going to return to work. I felt very blessed that I could even be deliberating this, because for many, there is no choice at all. I was surprised I was hesitant about going back to work because before I was pregnant, there was no question in my mind as to whether I was going back. I didn’t study for 5 years and incur thousands of pounds of debt to not go back right?! But it is not that simple. I had this little person who spent 99% of her life with me and the thought of leaving her made me feel anxious, guilty and a little sick. I also wanted to be there for her as much as possible, especially as they are only young for such a short time.


However, there were various deciding factors in why I decided to go back to work. The simplest one was I just felt ready. For all the times, I would scream ‘Fri-Yayyyy’ as I skipped out of work in excitement for the weekend, I couldn’t believe I actually missed the chaos of working as a hospital pharmacist. After Aaliyah turned one and she was becoming more independent, that anxiety about going back to work started to lift. I did bawl like a baby the first day I dropped her off at nursery which was also my first day back at work (that was less than smart doing both firsts on the same day but we live and we learn), but over the coming weeks and months we both settled into our new routine and grew to love it!


Another reason I returned to work was I wanted my daughter to know she can have the same prerogative and opportunities as men. She can pursue her career if she wants to, or be a stay at home mum if she wants to. Whatever makes her feel the happiest and the most fulfilled. The sad reality is someone will have an opinion anyway because society loves to police women’s behaviours (again, let’s leave that for another post!) but we should not care. Only we know what is best for ourselves and for our families. There’s no one right way to raise children.


Let’s not get it twisted though, it’s HARD! Just like being a stay at home mum in the first year was also HARD. Some days my house looked like I cared for 10 kids, as opposed to one! Batch cooking became my saviour. Who cares if we’re eating the same food for a week? It’s nutritionally balanced! As for any exercise routine, I left that to walking to and from the wards. Being a working mum is a continuous work in progress, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Jeremiah is six months old so naturally I’m beginning to have thoughts about what it will be like returning to work when he’s over a year old. I’ve decided to go back part time, as I did after having Liyah. I felt it gave me the best possible balance and harmony in my life. I’m glad to say the sickness is more at bay this time… just.


How do you find combining work and motherhood?

How do you find being a SAHM?

What factors determined your choice?

Would love to hear from you!









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1 year ago

Lovely post! Working part time too has personally given me a good balance. There’s a point in time the decision has to be made but we all do what’s best for our own families! X

1 year ago

I decided to go back to work when my baby was 6 months old, some people thought it was far too early but I needed to find me again. Not just mum.
My children respect that I have to work to give them the nicer things in life. I work part time, I still do all school runs and try and get into all school meetings. I’m lucky enough to have an employer that is fantastic with the balance for me.

1 year ago

As a young single Mum I felt alot of pressure to make everything perfect, and do everything right. I went back to study at college when she was a year old, then worked full time until recently I left work and took the leap to go back to university. I always felt such an emmense amount of responsibility to show her the right way that I never allowed myself to feel sad leaving her, I went into robot Mum mode. My daughter, now nearly 10 has seen me work hard and now study hard. Although I am no longer a… Read more »

1 year ago

Working part time and have a side online business. Has given me more time with my little one. I do not wanna miss all those important moments.

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