Oh Baby!



First of, sincere apologies for the abysmal upkeep of this blog! I could go into a million and one reasons as to why I haven’t shared anything recently, the biggest being moving house but truth is they’re just excuses. I’ll get there. One day


The biggest event that took place since last writing was I got knocked up! Woop!! And even better still at the same time as Beyonce!!!  J and I are absolutely over the moon to be expecting our first child and feel so lucky and blessed to be on this journey. Everything is so new and exciting with this being my first pregnancy! I hope for any subsequent children I have (by God’s grace) that it’s as amazing as this, otherwise how naff not to be the first?! (That by no means was a dig to non-first borners.. although we are pretty awesome!!!)


All our loved ones are really ecstatic for us which is unbelievably sweet but what really tickled me was a few people’s reactions; “FINALLLYYY”, “IT’S ABOUT TIIIIMMME”, “WHAT WAS THE HOLD UP ANYWAY??” …. Soz guys, I didn’t realise the activities of my womb, or lack thereof, irritated you so much! For a Nigerian couple, hubs and I have been informed on numerous occasions that we waited an awfully long time to have children (baby is due a few days before our 3 year wedding anniversary). Everyone is entitled to live their lives the best way they see fit, but for me, there was so much I wanted to do and see before I became a mother. I was 23 when I got married, which I know is young but was 100% the best decision I ever made, and this meant I felt in no rush to have children, I didn’t have that awful biological clock ticking in my ear. I wanted time to be care-free (to a certain extent, I still had bills y’all), explore career options, travel and most importantly spend quality time with my husband. I’m so grateful I was able to do all of those things, so when trying for our little one it definitely felt so right.


So what has life been like since becoming pregnant… freaking awesome!..at times. The first trimester was rough I can’t even lie but thankfully there was light at the end of the tunnel! There are some parts of non-preggers life that I miss, booze I can 100% unashamedly say is the main one, but this experience is a short one so I’ve been making sure I’m enjoying the ride. I bought a pregnancy diary not long after I found out I was pregnant so J and I make sure we update it weekly and will give it to our child when they’re old enough to appreciate it. It’s also lovely to look back on these memories in years to come. I’ve been taking bump pics, enjoying some good food, thinking of baby names, shopping for the little one, slathering myself in cocoa butter to ward off stretch marks, the lot! By far my favourite part of pregnancy is feeling the baby move!! The first time I actually cried. I just wasn’t prepared for how magical it would feel. Explaining the feeling it is quite difficult but I just know I love it.


A lot of people ask me if I’ve had any cravings and I have had some odd ones! My biggest craving is for Nesquik the chocolate flavoured cereal. One night I was snuggling next to J and then suddenly my nostrils were engulfed with the smell of chocolatey goodness!! My husband is indeed chocolately goodness but what I was referring to was the cereal variety. J’s entire body had the aroma of Nesquik!! It was preventing me from sleeping because it was all I could think of. I gently prodded my husband and informed him of my predicament to which he sweetly asked if I wanted him to hunt some down. I was insanely grateful because it was past midnight and we didn’t exactly live in an area littered with 24 hour shops. He’s learnt his lesson now though, our cupboards are constantly packed with Nesquik cereal boxes 😛


Moving to a new house was quite difficult whilst pregnant and in future, if we were to move again, I would avoid doing so whilst knocked up! I found it so tiring and felt guilty that I couldn’t help as much as I wanted, but thankfully J was so understanding and we had the help of family to pack which was invaluable. It is really exciting doing up the house and knowing a little one will be joining us soon. We’re not finding out the sex of the baby so we have been decorating the nursery neutrally. Once bubba is here, I’ll add a few subtle hints of pink or blue, but I’ve never been crazy about all out pink or blue nurseries.


At first I found it hard to dress to my changing body. There’s that awkward stage of pregnancy where you don’t look pregnant but look like you’ve just eaten a large takeaway, so I used to always want to hide my stomach. It actually got easier the further along I got as I would happily wear tight clothes to show off my bump accompanied with my large belly button poking out haha. Maternity jeans are actually a life saver and I feel like I will find them hard to give up. They’re basically like jeggings so you don’t have that awful stabbing pain from the button after you’ve had two bites of food. Overall though, I find maternity clothes a little frumpy with not much selection so a lot of the times I just buy bigger sizes and hope for the best, especially for party wear.


Which leads me nicely onto a very special party… My mum and sister hosted an epic baby shower for me at the weekend and I had the best time! Everything looked so gorgeous from the cake table, to the decorations and the sweet table. The guests were welcomed with ‘Preggatinis’, we played fun games, ate delicious Nigerian food and as a bonus the sun was shining for Baby A. Our loved ones were very generous with gifts, and we gave out little blue and pink baby themed gifts bags ourselves. We were so grateful to all our guests for making the effort to come and got some amazing pics!!


The one thing I haven’t given much thought to is the ACTUAL birthing process. I know I want to do it as naturally as possible, but a lot of women have said that and changed lanes real quick when those contractions set in so nothing is set in stone. My mumma gave birth to a breech 8lb baby naturally so I should be okay, right??


I just cannot wait to meet my first born. My days and nights are filled with imagining what he/she will look like, be like, sound like, smell like, feel like in my arms. Bring on the next 2 months!


Any expectant first time mothers who want to share their experiences? Or previous experiences? I would love to hear from you



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4 years ago

Great read…make me miss being pregnant..so happy for you guys and cant wait to meet your bubba 💋💋

4 years ago

This was such a beautiful post and the nesquik storie made me lol on a packed train. You’ve got the right idea Hun, be prepared to lose control sometimes but it’s all part of the beautiful journey of motherhood. There’s no wrong and no right, no manual and just like Baby A is special, all your experiences will be unique to you, your baby and your beautiful family.

Tania Ferreira
Tania Ferreira
4 years ago

I’ll start of saying congratulations to mummy and daddy ♡ I miss being pregnant, I was so blessed to be carrying my son for the 9 months, (Hes now 1 years old) I felt so good, so energetic. I was always on the move, I was buzzing. It really does make you glow because you’re just so happy – I think that’s what it is. Enjoy it until the end, even when you start walking like a penguin ehehe it won’t last long, so appreciate every single day, I definitely did. I kept myself busy everyday right until the very… Read more »

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